Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology

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University of Southampton
Southampton, United Kingdom
Start - End
15 Apr - 17 Mar
Study Options
Full Time

This three-day course is aimed at academic researchers in the medical and health or social sciences or who may work in government, the pharmaceutical industry, or other parts of the private sector who want to perform statistical modelling and analysis of epidemiological study data.

Individual day(s) are available on request, please email who will happy to advise.

Course Code S3RIASME

Course Dates 15-17 April 2020

Course Leader Professor Dankmar Boehning

Course Description

Topics will include the basic disease occurrence measures of prevalence and incidence with their role in surveillance including standardization, Mantel-Haenszel estimation of various effect measures including the risk ratio and risk difference for cohort studies and the odds ratio for case-control studies as well as Poisson and logistic regression to adjust for potential confounders simultaneously.

The course will also include elements of time-to-event analysis including Kaplan-Meier estimation and Cox’ proportional hazards model for confounder adjustment.

The course will comprise of a mixture of lectures and practical workshops using the software STATA.

Participants are expected to have a good working knowledge of simple statistical methods, including a good understanding of estimation of parameters including confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and p-values. No familiarity with the software STATA is required.

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