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23 Mar - 24 Mar
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£ 200
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Centre for Applied Statistics Courses
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23 March 2021–24 March 2021, 9:30 am–1:00 pm

This course will introduce delegates to the basic principles of ANOVA, and how to choose, run, interpret, and report a variety of ANOVA models. The course takes a hands-on approach to learning, with SPSS software used for demonstration and practice throughout.

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all courses will now be delivered online through a live video feed. You can expect the same level of group and individual support as you would have received in our face-to-face courses.

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a branch of statistical analysis used for comparing numerical data between groups and categories, with the flexibility to increase model size and complexity, and control for other numeric variables. The underlying principles of ANOVA are introduced and the extensions and applications of this type of statistical analysis are discussed.

This is a practical course that takes a hands-on look at the types of ANOVA models available in SPSS within the General Linear Model (GLM) function. The structure, application and interpretation of the following models will be covered:

  • One-way ANOVA
  • Factorial ANOVA
  • Univariate ANOVA
  • Multivariate ANOVA
  • Repeated measures ANOVA

The conceptual basis of this course is applicable to other statistical packages, but practical elements of the course are conducted using SPSS and example datasets are provided for all delegates to perform analyses on. Basic knowledge of SPSS and introductory statistics (e.g., p-values, confidence intervals) is desirable.

Everyone wishing to attend should ensure SPSS is installed and licensed on their computer. Where possible, we recommend using a recent version of SPSS (e.g. version 25) for maximum compatibility with the notes provided during the course.

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