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Start - End
4 May - 4 May
Study Options
£ 100 - 200
Contact Name
Centre for Applied Statistics Courses
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04 May 2020, 10:00 am–4:30 pm

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all courses will now be delivered online through a live video feed. You can expect the same level of group and individual support as you would have received in our face-to-face courses.

This course aims to familiarise participants with the R interface and the R language, in order to enable them to conduct statistical analysis; from reading in their datasets to performing mainstream statistical tests.

This course is aimed at researchers who want to learn how to use the statistical software R to conduct statistical analysis. Delegates will be expected to have a basic understanding of common statistical tests and concepts as these will not be taught during this workshop (taught on our 5 day course - Introduction to Statistics and Research Methods). The topics covered using R will include:

  • Introduction to the R platform and interface Introduction to basic scripting commands
  • Input of data sets
  • Summary measures
  • Graphical displays
  • Statistical tests (t-test)
  • Add-ons and packages in R
  • Help in R

Everyone wishing to attend should ensure R and Rstudio is installed on their computer (installation guidelines will be made available two weeks before the course).

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