Introduction to R

Imperial College London
Start - End
12 Oct
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6 CPD Credits - Approved by the Royal College of Physicians
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This is a command based course, not related to any specific area of research.

No experience or previous knowledge to R is required to attend this course. This program will go through the basics in R including types of objects, subsetting from data and data input and output methods.

Course content

  • Getting started with R - Command prompt, R Working directory
  • The R Objects
  • Subsetting from R Objects
  • Manipulating and handling Data
  • Lists and data.frames
  • R Environment - R Workspace and R History and R packages
  • Data Input and output
  • Data visualisation using R Graphs

Further learning

For an extended Introductory R course, explore Foundations in R : Firstly introducing participants to the basics of R, prior to progressing to the use of widely popular tidyverse package for data management and manipulation and data visualisation using ggplot2 package.

For a more in depth course on programming we provide Introduction to Programming Using R.

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