Introduction to Understanding Society using Stata/R/SPSS/SAS

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Understanding Society
Start - End
25 Nov - 26 Nov
Application Deadline
20 Nov
Study Options
Contact Name
Jay James

Understanding Society collects information about individuals and the households in which they live repeatedly at one year intervals. It includes new and innovative features to allow research across different social science disciplines. To achieve the main goals of this multipurpose survey Understanding Society has a complex sample design and consequently a complex data structure. Thus, analysing the data requires a good understanding of the general structure of the survey, the sample design and the data.

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at new users of Understanding Society, as well as those who have so far only made use of simpler aspects of the data. It aims to guide the user through the complexities of using this data for cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis, and ensure that they can make effective use of the data for their own research projects.

The course is free to attend and includes lunch and refreshments.

Do you offer an online course?

If you can’t make it to the ‘hands-on’ workshop, enrol on an online course. The hands-on workshop and the online course are exactly the same in terms of the course material. The advantage of the hands-on workshop is that you can ask the instructors questions about different aspects of the survey as well as the course materials as you work through those. To enrol on the online course you need to fill in this online registration form. After registering you will receive an email with an activation link in it. Please use this to activate your MoodleX account. Once you’ve logged in, you can either search for this course or use this link to enrol. If you have any problems please email Understanding Society User Support.

Course participants will learn about:

  • The way Understanding Society is designed
  • The Understanding Society sample design
  • Which data are collected
  • How the data are collected
  • How the data are structured and stored
  • How to find variables using the interactive online documentation
  • How to access the data
  • How to prepare the data files for analysis using the statistical software of your choice (Stata/R/SAS/SPSS)
  • How to use weights for producing population estimates

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