Summer School on Machine Learning and Big Data with Quantum Computing

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7 Sep - 8 Sep
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Machine Learning (ML) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) branch, that focuses on developing algorithms to teach how computers learn from data to make decisions or predictions. Deep Learning (DL) is part of a broader family of ML algorithms, that is based on artificial neural networks. Arguably, DL techniques demand for big amounts of data and, as such, they require huge computational resources and advanced processing techniques.

Cloud Computing is a well-known alternative to deal with big amounts of data, since its elasticity allows for an efficient scalability of huge computational resources, such as, data storage and processing power. On the other hand, Quantum Computing is an advanced processing technique, that uses the fundamentals of quantum mechanics to accelerate the process of solving highly complex problems.

SMBQ 2020 addresses the current trends in AI and in the computational techniques that deal with big data demands, together with, a powerful processing technique that will shape the future of computation.

The registration fee is 150€. It includes attendance to all sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, wi-fi internet and access to a desktop during the hands-on sections. We are currently working with our partners to have a, free of charge, social dinner on the first day of the event. However, presently, it is still not possible to confirm the social dinner.

The number of participants is limited to 60, thus one should register as soon as possible. For any further information, please send a message to SMBQ 2020.

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