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We offer 2 personalized online courses to meet your training needs. These learning solutions are designed for small groups (max. 4-5 participants). A course consists of four self-contained sessions of 60 minutes delivered over a period of 4 weeks. Each course starts with a beginner session that provides the students with the necessary resources to proficiently work throughout the rest of the course.

Course 1: Introduction to data science with R and tidyverse

  • Session 1: Introduction to R and tidyverse (beginner)
  • Session 2: Data visualization (beginner)
  • Session 3: Statistics fundamentals with R (intermediate)
  • Session 4: Machine learning in tidyverse (intermediate)

Course 2: Introduction to machine learning with R

  • Session 1: Data wrangling and feature engineering in tidyverse (beginner)
  • Session 2: Machine learning in tidyverse (intermediate)
  • Session 3: Support vector machines in R (intermediate)
  • Session 4: Learning tree-based models in R (intermediate)

We can also design and deliver specific courses for your Organization/Institute/University.

If interested, please send us an email at info@physalia-courses.org

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