Using weights in Understanding Society

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Understanding Society
Start - End
27 Nov - 27 Nov
Application Deadline
20 Nov
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Jay James

Understanding Society has a very complex survey structure and this needs to be taken into account in any analysis in order to infer results to a population. An easy way to take the structure into account correctly is by using weights alongside strata and clustering adjustments. This course aims to explain what weights take into account in Understanding Society. First, we will describe how weights are created. We will then provide guidance on how to select the best weight for a range of analyses. The course will then expand on how to create a tailored weight for a specific analysis, when this can make a difference and will be worth the effort, and will walk you step by step on creating such weights in a hands-on session.

Please note that this is being planned to be an in-person workshop at the University of Essex Colchester Campus. However, if a lockdown is in place at that time due to the COVID-19 pandemic then it will be an online workshop. We will inform you if and when such a lockdown is announced.

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