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Imperial College London
Start - End
3 Oct
Study Options
GBP 17500 - 17500
Fee International
GBP 30000 - 30000

Statistical ideas, tools and methods are used in almost all employment sectors. From banking, finance and government to medical research, the pharmaceutical industry and the digital economy.

This online, one-year, full-time programme provides outstanding training in both theoretical and applied statistics. The variety of optional modules to choose from, allows you to develop your specialist interests, providing depth and exposure to a diverse range of statistical applications and methods.

Building on an advanced core curriculum, you will have the opportunity to specialise, gaining both an in-depth and specialised skill set.

This online course enables you to study our reputable statistics course without the need to come to London. This enables a broader base of the best students to access and participate in an Imperial education. If you can study in London, you may be interested in


We offer six streams on this course. When applications open, you must first select this programme. Then you will be able to indicate your preferred stream.

  • Global MSc in Statistics (General)
  • Global MSc in Statistics (Applied Statistics)
  • Global MSc in Statistics (Biostatistics)
  • Global MSc in Statistics (Data Science)
  • Global MSc in Statistics (Statistical Finance)
  • Global MSc in Statistics (Theory and Methods)

The formal qualification received will include the name of the specialist stream. This can be used to indicate to employers or future research supervisors what you have specialised in during your MSc.

As a limited number of places exist for each stream, unsuccessful applications for these streams will automatically be considered for the general Global MSc in Statistics.

Study Programme

Core modules in the Autumn term provide you with advanced knowledge in the fundamental areas of probability theory, statistical inference and applied and computational statistics.

A large and diverse set of optional modules, offered in the Spring term, coupled with specialised programme streams, allow you to develop your own interests. This gives you both depth and exposure to a diverse range of statistical applications and methods.

During the Summer term, you'll have the opportunity to work with a member of academic staff on a state-of-the-art research problem that suits your interests and is suitable for your chosen stream.


By the end of the course, you will have gained a range of transferable skills, including programming, problem-solving, critical thinking, scientific writing, project work and presentation. This allows you to take on prominent roles in a wide array of employment and research sectors.


There are limited circumstances in which we may need to make changes to or in relation to our courses. See what changes we may make and how we will tell you about them.

Find out more about potential changes

See website for module information for all 6 streams.

Teaching and Assessment:

Teaching Methods

This course will be delivered as a fully online option. The College’s supported Virtual Learning Environment, Blackboard (or equivalent), will be used to deliver the programme.

The programme will be structured by modules, which are the same as the on-campus MSc in Statistics modules.

Methods include:

  • Online lectures
  • Asynchronous videos
  • Office hours
  • Problem classes
  • Practical computational sessions
  • Research seminars
  • Group tutorials

These features allow you to participate in a seamless, flexible, and engaging learning experience and ensure the highest quality online learning environment.

Assessment Methods

The format of assessments will vary according to the aims, content and learning outcomes of each module.

Methods include:

  • Assessed coursework/tests
  • Enhanced coursework assessments
  • Oral examinations
  • Written examinations
  • Written project
  • Group assessments

The research project component of the MSc will be assessed via a written thesis (dissertation) and an oral presentation.

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