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Barcelona GSE
Start - End
1 Sep - 31 Jul
Study Options
Full Time
€ 18500

The digital revolution brings an explosion of data with significant value for businesses, science, and society. As data becomes larger and more complex, extracting useful quantitative insights becomes more challenging.

The Barcelona GSE Master's Program in Data Science Methodology aims to train future leaders in the field with a deeper understanding of the underlying methods, along with the ability to develop techniques for new and/or non-standard problems.

The Master's prepares graduates to design and build data-driven systems in the private, public and research sectors. The curriculum guides students from modeling and theory to computational practice and cutting edge tools, teaching skills that are in growing global demand.

Data Science Methodology students will gain a solid knowledge of Statistics, Machine Learning theory and methods such as Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning, Optimization and Computing. The program also prepares students to critically assess the validity and performance of existing methods, and to address potential limitations by developing new ones. Students will learn how to apply classroom examples using real data and answering concrete questions from the perspectives of different sectors. Through an independent master's project or an industrial practicum conducted with local businesses or research teams, students have the opportunity to solve actual analytics problems hands-on.

Study with leading researchers and practitioners

A distinguishing factor of the program is the faculty team, with a strong international research and applied reputation spanning multiple fields: Statistics, Operations Research, and Artificial Intelligence. Our professors routinely publish in top research journals in these disciplines and received prestigious awards and research funding from agencies and the industry. These include the main funding agencies in Spain, the European Research Council, the USA, and the UK, leading technological companies such as Google and Accenture, and banks such as BBVA and CaixaBank. The program also invites guest speakers and entrepreneurs working at the frontiers of Data Science Methods and applications.

The new program director, David Rossell (UPF and Barcelona GSE), is a leading researcher in statistical methodology who has been involved in a number of highly cited applied projects ranging from Biomedicine, Economics to Biochemistry. He held research appointments in Spain, the USA and the UK, and has led teams of applied data scientists at several institutions.

Is “Data Science Methodology" the right program for you?

We welcome students from different disciplines. The ideal candidates have graduated in programs with a solid mathematical basis, e.g. statistics, economics, mathematics, computer science, physics, or engineering. However, we also welcome candidates from other disciplines having excellent academic records, who wish to develop their data analysis abilities. The program includes brushup courses in Statistics, Linear Algebra and Programming, to ensure all students have a sufficient basic toolkit. For students interested in more theoretical studies, the program also opens up an opportunity of continuing with PhD studies in a dynamic, active research environment.

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