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University of Dundee
Start - End
12 Sep
Application Deadline
1 Sep
Study Options
Full Time
GBP 8350 - 8350
Fee International
GBP 19900 - 19900

Use applied maths to solve problems in sectors such as finance, energy, engineering, biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Using applied mathematics, research and specialist software, you will solve real world problems arising in sectors such as finance, energy, engineering, biomedical research, scientific research and the pharmaceutical industry.

From solving problems laying pipe systems in our oceans, optimising a portfolio of Wall Street stocks or understanding the hidden dynamics of diseases like cancer or diabetes, mathematics plays a role in solving practical problems in a wide range of industries.

You will be able to choose from a variety of modules focused on a number of applied mathematics directions (specialised towards biology, medicine, ecology, economics and finance), allowing you to shape your study and expand your perspective.

Our weekly Mathematics Seminar Programme allows you to hear from renowned scientists covering everything from mathematical biology to numerical analysis and scientific computing.

Involving specialist mathematical software programs, you will develop programmes and computational frameworks to solve mathematical models that arise from areas such as fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, optimisation and finance.

Our department is relatively small, with an excellent staff/student ratio, allowing us to get to know you on a personal level.

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Teaching and Assessment:


A range of teaching methods will be used to support your learning including:

  • lectures
  • application workshops that involve specific problem solving
  • major applications of taught material
  • mini projects

Specialist mathematical software programmes will also be involved in your teaching, helping you to explore mathematics beyond traditional teaching.


You will be assessed throughout the year using:

  • coursework
  • exams
  • a research focused dissertation project

Your dissertation project will cover a topic of your own choice, and we will help you prepare your research project plan.

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Dynamical Systems (MA51003)

Computational Modelling and Programming (MA51004)

MSc Project in Mathematics (MA53002)

Optional Modules

You need to choose one or more of these modules as part of your course.

Mathematical Biology I (MA32009)

Ordinary Differential Equations and the Approximation (MA41003)

Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas 1: Fluid Dynamics (MA41006)

Mathematical Biology II (MA42002)

Partial Differential Equations and their Approximation (MA42003)

Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas 2: MHD and the Sun (MA42007)

Stochastic Processes (MA51005)

Inverse Problems (MA51006)

Measure Theory (MA51007)

Mathematical Oncology (MA52001)

Mathematical Ecology and Epidemiology (MA52002)

Mathematical Physiology (MA52003)

Optimization in Finance and Energy (MA52004)

Advanced Fluid Dynamics (MA52005)

Functional Analysis (MA52006)


Mathematics graduates are consistently amongst those attracting the highest graduate salaries and can choose from a vast range of careers such as:

  • research
  • industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • biomedical sectors
  • science
  • engineering
  • commerce
  • finance
  • education

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