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Loughborough University
Start - End
10 Oct
Study Options
Full Time
GBP 11900 - 11900
Fee International
GBP 26500 - 26500

Our MSc conversion programme in Data Science offers an excellent solution for graduates from varying academic and professional backgrounds who now seek to up skill to support their career aspirations in data science, data analysis, data management or data stewardship.

Data has been called “the oil of the digital economy” (Wired) with importance to all organisations in all sectors and at every level. As such, wide-ranging opportunities exist for skilled graduates with expertise in data science.

Designed in collaboration with industry partners and supported by funding from the Office for Students (OfS), our new MSc Data Science conversion programme has a distinctive focus on problem-based learning and offers modules designed to support your career goals and aspirations. Programme content is focused not only on fundamental data science but also on design thinking and innovation, data governance, ethics and data analysis.

This unique master's offers an excellent solution for graduates wishing to upskill to support their career aspirations in data science, pursuing roles in data analytics, management and stewardship. It is suitable for students from industry, including those who come from managerial, leadership and information administration posts and who wish to upskill in to enter the world of data science. The programme also appeals to science graduates and those from the social sciences (eg criminology, economics, public health and psychology), life sciences (eg biological and biomedical sciences) and applied sciences (eg engineering and medicine) who wish to learn how to analyse data or who wish to understand the world of data science from a business perspective.

The programme is designed for students who do not have a first degree in computer science (those who do may wish to consider our MSc Artificial Intelligence or our MSc Advanced Computer Science). We would however consider applications in their own merit, so we encourage anyone to get in touch.

The kinds of positions we would anticipate graduates of this programme gravitating towards would include roles in analytics engineering, big data engineering and business intelligence, and as data architects, data analysts, data scientists and statisticians.

As a student in the Department of Computer Science, you will enjoy 24-hour exclusive access to our computer labs, including a designated MSc computer science laboratory supported by a team of systems specialists and specialist labs for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning work. You will also gain insights from the cutting-edge research of our academic staff and become part of a rich community that is research active and attracts staff, students and visitors from around the world.

Loughborough University is part of the #JoinYourAIFuture national recruitment campaign programme funded by the OfS. The OfS is the independent regulator for higher education in England.

The Office for Students are making scholarships available to increase diversity in the AI and data science sector and to support students from under-represented groups to access, participate and succeed in higher education. Applications for the scholarship can be found here.

You are now able to apply for the part-time version of the MSc Data Science programme. This has been designed to allow students to take two modules per semester and it will provide additional time for students to study the taught material and to complete their assessments. The modules of the part-time version run in parallel to the full-time programme. This provides a high level of flexibility for our part-time students in taking on more modules when possible; taking fewer modules if they want to extend the length of their programme.


  • It is designed for students from industry who aim to upskill to support their careers in data science
  • It is developed with input from UK and international organisations to ensure industry relevance
  • You will have the opportunity to focus on practical data science, the business aspects of data science or a combination
  • There are scholarships available
  • You will have opportunities to work on collaborative projects with industry partners
  • You will have access to state-of-the-art facilities within a £5 million refurbished building
  • It draws on our research specialisms in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, data science and analysis, data governance, ethics, and design


You will be assessed by a combination of exams, coursework and class presentations, as well as a dissertation on an agreed topic.


  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Independent study
  • Group work
  • Workshops
  • Practical sessions


Our Department of Computer Science is committed to helping you develop the skills and attributes you need to progress successfully in your chosen career.

This programme therefore offers pathways depending on your academic/professional background and career goals.


The gathering, processing, interpretation and evaluation of data and information is vital in today’s world, and as our technological capacities expand so will the applications of data science. This MSc programme will equip you with the skills of a data scientist, enabling you to work in a wide variety of roles within a wide variety of industries.

As this is a new programme for 2020 we do not have any graduate destinations to report on. However, the kinds of positions we would anticipate graduates of this programme gravitating towards would include roles in analytics engineering, big data engineering and business intelligence, and as data architects, data analysts, data scientists, and statisticians.

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