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We look forward to hearing from students to join our MSc in Statistics programmes in the academic year 2021-2022.

The MSc in Statistics programmes provide outstanding training both in theoretical and applied statistics.

Statistics is a dynamic and thriving scientific discipline that has relevance in almost every area of the modern world. Statisticians work on fascinating problems at the interface where mathematics meets the natural sciences, medicine, engineering, social and political science, data science and finance, as well as being a theoretically rich and diverse discipline its own right.

This one-year, full-time programme provides outstanding training in both theoretical and applied statistics. A common set of core modules in the Autumn term ensures that all students obtain advanced knowledge in the fundamental areas of probability theory, statistical inference and applied and computational statistics.

The MSc distinguishes itself through the breadth and the depth of the optional modules available and the specialisation streams that it offers (visit the corresponding webpages below for more information. The variety of optional modules offered in the Spring term allows you to develop your own specialist interests, providing depth and exposure to a diverse range of statistical applications and methods. The general MSc in Statistics stream enables you to choose modules across a variety of topics, whereas the specialist streams focus on a specific theme. The formal qualification received will include the name of the specialist stream, for example: MSc Statistics (Applied Statistics).

The course is run by the Statistics Section of the Department of Mathematics. The Statistics Section has an international reputation for conducting methodological and applied statistical research at the highest level. Areas of research of the Section include statistical genetics and biostatistics, statistical methods in retail financial services, time series and signal processing, statistical theory, Bayesian methods and computation, and machine learning, with many interactions and overlaps between these areas of research. The expertise of the members of the Section, as well as its strong links to the financial and industrial sectors, allow for a very wide choice of research projects. Each student completes a research project during the Summer term with a member of academic staff on a state-of-the-art research problem that suits their interests.

The MSc in Statistics is currently being accredited by the Royal Statistical Society, implying that graduates are granted the Society's professional status of Graduate Statistician on application

Stream Specialisations:

Since October 2018, in addition to the general <> MSc in

Statistics<, we are also offering the following specialisation streams:

Applied Statistics<>


Statistical Finance<>

Theory and Methods<>

Data Science<>

The formal qualification received will include the name of the specialist stream and therefore can be used to indicate to employers or future research supervisors what they have specialised in during their MSc. For example: MSc Statistics (Applied Statistics).

The 5 specialisation streams listed above are also offered as part of the Global MSc in Statistics degree.

Due to high competition, we encourage early applications for the MSc in Statistics. Any applications received before Wednesday 31 March 2021 will be considered. After that date, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the course is full.

Preference will be given to applicants with a strong interest for Statistics as illustrated through the personal statement.

As a limited number of places exist for each specialisation stream, unsuccessful applications for the specialisation streams will automatically be considered for the general MSc in Statistics.

From October 2021, the MSc in Statistics will also be offered as an online degree, named Global MSc in Statistics.

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